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Episode 1109th February 2022 • not a momma life: a podcast not just for childfree women, for childfree humans. • Raphie Wagner
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Takeover episode about childless perspective and was mentioned in episode number # 106 & 107 listen here

Civilla Morgan created The Childless not by Choice podcast was founded in July 2015. I searched for help at the most vulnerable time in my life, but could not find that help, so I created it.

I knew I could not be the only one trying to navigate the journey through childlessness.

Over the last six years the Childless not by Choice podcast has been through several metamorphosis, each change making the platform even better. Which of course is always the goal. The end goal of course is to speak to and encourage the childless not by choice demographic. 

 Here is more about Civilla.

Here is more about her podcast

I hope you enjoyed Civilla's episode.

My goal was to educate, enlighten and expand your childfree perspectives.

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