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When Marriage Is Hard
Episode 9925th July 2021 • Thrive Beyond Pornography (Formerly The Self Mastery Podcast) • Zach Spafford
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When Marriage is hard.

Seasons of marriage

Imagine on the day you got married you knew that there would be a trial so difficult that it had the potential to tear apart your entire life.  

Your every belief structure would be questioned. everything you had worked for would be reduced to the decision of whether to stay or go.  all of your hard work, love, and hope would be tested so thoroughly that either this would be the end of your marriage or your marriage will be strengthened immeasurably.  

Imagine, as you stand there, vowing to make your life and your eternity with the person you now adore, that this will happen not just once, but multiple times during your life together.  

Would you get married?  Would you choose a different partner?  how would you approach marriage differently?