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Episode 733: Bonza gets its AOC & there's an Ozzie constellation in space
Episode 73318th January 2023 • The Australia Desk • Southern Skies Media
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It's been only a week and the boys are back with a new OzDesk which could be setting a bit of a trend, but they had to come back to talk about the big big news. Yes, it was rumour when they recorded last week and it was still rumour when the Geeks released Episode 732, but now it's fact: Bonza has received its Air Operators Certificate (AOC). The boys note that Bonza will be avoiding Brisbane and Sydney, which has annoyed some travel agents, while Grant also points out how similar Bonza's approach is to the original Virgin Blue.

Meanwhile, the big three Chinese airlines are coming back to Australia in force now that China has dropped their quarantine requirements for visiting their country.

Finally, the boys cover the Australian company Skykraft which early in January launched a constellation of five satellites via Space-X and has now completed their initial checks and verifications, allowing the satellites to commence operations. These Australian-built satellites are using majority Australian developed components and are working with Airservices Australia to provide ADSB & VHF coverage for aircraft operating in areas without coverage, such as a large part of Australia and the oceanic regions around the country. Skykraft's goal is to expand the constellation over time so that it eventually provides global coverage.





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