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Veteran Wealth Secrets - Scott R. Tucker EPISODE 5, 5th April 2021
005 with Eric "Doc" Wright, PhD - Learn Civilian Language
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005 with Eric "Doc" Wright, PhD - Learn Civilian Language

Veteran Wealth Secrets 006 with Eric "Doc" Wright, PhD - Learn Civilian Language

In this episode, we will have Eric "Doc" Wright, Ph.D., a founder of Vets2pm, serial entrepreneur, and business linguist. We will learn more about becoming fluent in the civilian language of 'managements' that can profoundly change a veteran's post-service fortunes.


Episode Highlights:

  • 2:19- Eric "Doc" Wright as an entrepreneur. 
  • 2:40- Doc helps veterans to  get fluent in the language of the civilian workforce (the language of management) .
  • 4:32- Things to focus on when a veteran is transitioning. 
  • 10:30- The importance of language when transitioning to the civilian workforce. 
  • 12:03- What is fluency, and its significance in being qualified for a post.  
  • 12:26 The language of management and military leadership.
  • 16:00- Communicating the value that you can bring as a veteran to the civilian workforce.
  • 17:29- Doc Wright's Life's Work book. 
  • 18:50- Going to the top of the short stack through civilian language. 
  • 22:30- Doc's transition classroom word of the day and his book launch.

3 Key Points:

  1. During the transition, it is essential to focus on risk management, plan the foreseeable future, re-calibrate accordingly, and diversify the income stream. 
  2. Learning the civilian language is extremely important in transitioning to be successful in the civilian workforce. 
  3. The civilian workforce is looking to hear for a veteran to talk in the civilian language, not the obscure leadership dialect. 


  • “Civilians don't understand that in the military, we only talk about leadership as a dialect of management, while management is the language of business.”- Eric "Doc" Wright, PhD
  • “Fluency is the ability to translate and communicate clearly, confidently, and concisely in the target language. If you can't understand and can't respond, you're going to get a letter that says you're under-qualified.”- Eric "Doc" Wright, PhD
  • “You got to learn the language because if you don't know the language you can’t be effective. Get on, run circles around them, learn the language, be hands-on, and then you'll be the CEO.”- Eric "Doc" Wright, PhD

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