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What Is Co-Regulation and How Does This Impact Our Child's Development?
Episode 14329th July 2021 • Little Z's Sleep Podcast • Becca Campbell
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What is Co-Regulation? How does this impact our child's development and future? If you're spending even 5 minutes searching through positive parenting accounts on social media, you're likely left feeling confused about co-regulation. Enter Drs. Jenna Elgin and Shanna Alverez of Helping Families Thrive!

Today on the podcast these women talk with me about what co-regulation is and how you are likely already working on this with your family!

We talk together for about an hour, and cover a lot of ground! Probably my favorite was the moment when Dr. Jenna pulled up her phone and literally read misleading social media posts to mythbust, ha!

If you are looking for an evidence based course on positive parenting that won't guilt you or leave you feeling less than, Helping Families Thrive is exactly for you!

Use code HFTLITTLEZ to save 20% on their course!

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