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Mercedes Gutierrez-Mares
Episode 92nd February 2021 • On brand with .... • Deborah Ogden
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My guest this episode is Mercedes Gutierrez-Mares, a dietician and wellbeing ambassador. Born and raised in Mexico City, Mercedes recognised early on a passion for nutrition and exercise, and the power of the psychology behind why we do what we do and the choices that we make.

Our personal brand and identity starts within, including our wellbeing. If we feel good we perform better.

This podcast touches on nutrition, but that is a small part of the conversation. We discuss why we make the choices we do, the importance of consistency, tips for wellbeing during the pandemic and so much more.

Mercedes is based in London and you can find more about her work at:

Mercedes on Instagram

Mercedes on LinkedIn

We talk about the work of Brene Brown

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