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Ask Me Anything - Being Transparent with Your Kids, and How to End Triggers After the Affair
Episode 609th November 2021 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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“Ask Me Anything” has been one of the most successful segments on this podcast because Mark answers the real life questions from men JUST LIKE YOU. There aren’t any “what if”s or non-real-life examples. He’s discussing what is really going on in the members of the Empowered Man Group’s lives. Along with going over lots of questions and giving actionable and transformational advice, Mark shares with you his insights on different topics such as affairs, being vulnerable, eliminating trauma, forgiveness and much more!

“You were not made for retirement from self-improvement.”

 - Mark Santiago

In This Episode: 

- If you are going to enter into a divorce, one of the first things that you have to do is tell your kids. Listen to how Mark explains to you how to do so in a way that's smooth and appropriate.

- Unforgiveness and how it can be poison for yourself if you don’t let it go and forgive your wife

- Mark tells you how to deal with affair triggers by being vulnerable so you can create an emotional connection with your wife

And much more…

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