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The Emily Show - Emily D. Baker, Esq. EPISODE 48, 26th August 2020
Free Britney
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Free Britney

The Britney Spears Conservatorship is the backdrop of the Free Britney movement….wait the #FreeBritney movement. Her fans have demanded that attention is turned to the over 12-year conservatorship that has been granted to Britney’s father Jamie Spears. The conservatorship was set to expire in August 2020 but was extended until February 2021 while the court asks for additional legal motions. Britney has recently spent time in a mental health facility which some argue was a tactical move by her father to keep the conservatorship going, or as necessary to support her in light of her fathers health struggles. 

There is a lot of behind the scenes that we don’t know here, because of the nature of the conservatorship. It’s meant to be private but is it time to transition to allowing Britney to have more freedom. To be able to choose if she wants to have another child, to get married, to drive her car. I completely understand why her fans are so concerned, I also think it’s time to have real conversations about taking the stigma away from mental health struggles, to examine what happens to celebrities in the US, and to question if cancel culture is making these issues worse. 





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