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How to Build and Sell Your Video Production Business with Daniel Goldstein
Episode 29816th April 2024 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Daniel Goldstein, who, alongside his business partner Renice, built Visual Domain into Australia's largest video production company before it was acquired by News Corp.

Daniel shared the incredible journey of starting the company during the global financial crisis in 2008 and growing it to a team of about 100 people. He discussed the importance of focusing on repeat business and building strong relationships with clients, which was a significant factor in their success and eventual acquisition.

We delved into the challenges of scaling a service-based business, the evolution of video content demand, and the strategies they used to sell video production effectively. Daniel highlighted the importance of educating clients on the production process and aligning the value of their services with client expectations.

A key part of Visual Domain's success was their proprietary video management system, which streamlined their production process and provided a unique selling proposition. Daniel also touched on the due diligence process during the acquisition and the factors that contributed to their valuation, such as repeat business and revenue growth.

As for the future, Daniel is taking a well-deserved break and is open to exploring new opportunities within the video and technology space. He emphasised the rewarding nature of working in a creative industry and the supportive environment that allows for collaboration and growth.

For those in the video production industry, Daniel's story is a testament to the potential for growth and success. It's a reminder to think about where your business is heading and to consider your own exit strategy, even if it seems far off in the future.

Stay tuned for more insights and stories on the Engage Video Marketing Podcast.

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