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8 | ADHD Motherhood and Money
Episode 813th May 2023 • Princess and the Pea Podcast • Annie Crowe
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Annie chats with the wonderful Tina @theADHDaccountant about late diagnosis, motherhood and money!

In the first part of this episode, Tina shares how she discovered her own neurodivergence after her son was diagnosed. And the wonderful self-acceptance and understanding a diagnosis (or self-identification) can bring.

Then Annie and Tina talk about parenting with ADHD and all the joys and struggles. And how much easier it is to work and live when you understand your divergent brain and can then accommodate it and stop fighting and hiding your neurodivergent traits.

Finally, they get into the money with budgets and impulse spending. Annie shares a shameful story from her past! Shhh!

Enjoy! x

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