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EPS 68 - Interview: Canadian Study - Children Nearsightedness Epidemic
3rd April 2019 • PegCityChat with Nat • Natalie Bell - PegCityLovely
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Did You Know…Too Much Time Indoors Could Have a Major Impact on a Child's Vision?

A new study conducted by The Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE), the University of Waterloo’s School of Optometry & Vision Science and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, reveals myopia is a global epidemic with prevalence rates in Canadian children increasing at an alarming rate.

So why is there so much attention around nearsightedness now? Other than a child needing to wear glasses or other vision correction, why should we be concerned?

Joining me to talk about this problem and ways to help combat this issue is Dr. Deborah Jones, Clinical Scientist and member of the research team at CORE.

BIO: Dr. Jones graduated in Optometry from City University in London, England. She is a fellow of the British College of Optometrists, holds a UK Diplomate in Contact Lens Practice and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry.