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283 The Spiral Process of Learning • Kristen Lambertin
Episode 28320th December 2022 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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Making the leap from the classroom to the clinic is an opportunity to explore a new world—but without a travel guide in the form of teachers and colleagues to help guide you along the way. You’re tasked with the lifetime opportunity of applying and refining your medicine in the wild.

Even after your training, you may wonder if you’re truly prepared. You may keep coming back to the question: “Do I know enough?” Probably not—and that is not necessarily a comment on your competence as a practitioner. This is because the transfer of learning is an ongoing process; it is cyclical; it is spiral. Even the most seasoned practitioners are learners to some degree—especially in our medicine. 

Understand that everything in creation is evolving. Learn to honor where you are in your journey as a practitioner. Integrate knowledge and experience in your practice until they become one. You stop growing as soon as you stop learning. 

In this conversation with Kristen Lambertin, we pore over the cyclical process of learning, the difficulties students face when transferring what they’ve learned in the classroom to the clinical workplace, how to improve the learning process in our profession, and some practical skills and mindsets that can help you adapt to the future. We also share opinions on how we can approach our patients and work by building on our strengths and leaning into our shortcomings.

Listen into this discussion on the transfer of learning and making the transition from student to practitioner