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Ian Kagey: Remodeling a Classic Studio, Learning to Teach, and the Importance of Problem Solving
Episode 14 β€’ 6th January 2021 β€’ Progressions: Success in the Music Industry β€’ Travis Ference
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This week's guest is Ian Kagey, the Director of Operations for Power Station NYC, a historic and classic recording studio in the heart of NYC now currently run by Berklee College of Music. The mix of skills that Ian learned working as both a studio tech and a traditional engineer set him up for where his career journey would take him later. His career has taken him all the way to Valencia, Spain where he worked as an instructor for Berklee and then back to New York to manage and oversee the update of Power Station. We have a great chat about the importance of problem solving, keeping in touch with your network, knowing when you're the right person for a job, and being thankful to get to work in music everyday.

In this episode, we'll dig in on...

  • Rebuilding a classic studio
  • Creating a new business model for recording studios
  • Not staying past your expiration date
  • The importance of problem solving
  • Etiquette and attention to detail
  • Dropping everything and moving to Spain
  • Starting out in NYC
  • Working as a technician and an assistant

Learn More About Ian Kagey and Power Station...

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Guest: Ian Kagey

Host: Travis Ference

Editor: Travis Ference

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