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Zen and The Art of Work with Kourosh Dini
Episode 13827th March 2017 • A Productive Conversation • Mike Vardy
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My guest for this episode is Kourosh Dini - a psychiatrist, writer, musician, and author. Some of his works include Zen & The Art of Work, Creating Flow with OmniFocus, and Workflow Mastery.

I’ve met Kourosh a couple of years ago when we worked together for the OmniFocus set-up. I love his work and have always seen him as a thoughtful productivity strategist who knows his stuff.

Some of the things we talked about this week are:

  • How meditation shifts our mindset which ultimately makes us more mindful and productive (3:04).
  • The importance of pausing and practical tips on how to apply it in your life (4:55).
  • Personalization and why it's important in your daily interactions (8:03).
  • Why adding play time is a necessary ingredient in performance, productivity, and happiness at work (11:26)
  • How music can boost your productivity, creativity, and overall sense of well-being (16:40).
  • Kourosh's thoughts on ambient sound apps and how he uses them in his own workflow (20:05).
  • The five elements of good health, according to Kourosh (23:00).
  • Kourosh's take on meditation and his recommendations for those who want to start meditating (24:05).

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Thanks for listening! Until next time, remember to stop guessing... and start going.