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Trailer26th February 2020 • Step-by-Step Wedding Prep • Wedding Connections of the Hudson Valley
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Welcome to the Step-by-Step Wedding Prep Podcast by Wedding Connections of the Hudson Valley - The weekly show where we teach you everything you need to know to plan your wedding like a pro!

Learn to how to take the overwhelm out of wedding planning to make it as FUN and as STREE-FREE as possible – the way it should be!

Every Wednesday, we'll be answering the most commonly asked questions couples have when it comes to planning their wedding to give you all the knowledge you need to plan your wedding faster, easier and without overspending.

Join me today as I share my story of how wedding planning almost sent me to the hospital, and how I went from an exhausted, stress-out and naive bride to a confident and in-charge bride once I had the right tools and guidance.

If you are a Hudson Valley Bride or Groom, please make sure you check out Wedding Connections of the Hudson Valley, a blog specific to your Hudson Valley needs with local insights and real Hudson Valley wedding photo inspiration.

Make sure to join us online:

IG: @SBSWeddingPrep, @wedconnecthv

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FB: @SBSWeddingPrep, @WeddingConnectionsHV

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