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Preparing Your Business for Exit with Carrie Kerpen
Episode 8919th June 2024 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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In this episode of Welcome to Eloma, Carrie Kerpen, Former CEO and Founder of Likeable, talks about the process of preparing a business for exit and successfully negotiating an eight-figure sale. Kiley and Carrie emphasize the importance of building a business with the end in mind and creating scalable, repeatable processes. Carrie shares her experience of staying committed to her business for 14 years and the challenges she faced along the way. Also highlighted in this episode is the significance of finding the right partner and ensuring a smooth transition for the team and culture. 

Moreover, Carrie Kerpen shares her insights and advice on building a successful company and preparing for an exit. Carrie also discusses the value of taking risks, building confidence, and always asking questions. Understanding the economics of your business and focusing on scalable and repeatable offerings are crucial for growth. Carrie believes that building the best possible team and finding joy in your work is the most essential thing for long-term success. 

Carrie's ultimate goal is to help women entrepreneurs make as much money as possible and leave a positive legacy.


  • “Your business is part of your legacy. So if you're selling your business, you are entrusting part of your legacy to a new owner. And that's a really big deal, especially for women. I mean, men too, of course, but I think for women, we put our every ounce of everything into those businesses, our heart, our soul, our, you know, and so. You know, if you're selling it to someone, it better be a good legacy for you.”  14:01 
  • “Focus on what is scalable and repeatable. Because if you are, and this is specifically for services businesses, a lot of the time, if you are just charging by the hour and doing whatever somebody wants, yeah, it's the fastest road to burnout there is. You have to say, this is my program. This is my offering. This is how it works.”  27:26
  • “There's not a moment in your entrepreneurial journey that will not pass, good or bad. There's not a moment in your home life, good or bad, that will not pass. Time is your friend and is also not your friend. There's never anything that lasts forever, nothing good lasts forever and nothing bad lasts forever.”  35:47


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