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Episode 16: Always Look for the Miracle and Be Grateful w/ Angela Alexander
19th January 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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To be completely honest, we weren't sure we were going to post this episode. The story you'll hear in it is so powerful, so profound, we thought maybe our little podcast wouldn't do it justice.

But we didn't title our show "Your Most Mundane Breakthrough"; it's Your Biggest Breakthrough. And our guest on this episode will seriously blow you away with what she's experienced and the grace she's shown in spite of it.

Angela Alexander has suffered what most of us would consider unspeakable tragedy in her life multiple times. But you'd never know it listening to her speak (and you really owe it to yourself to watch this on YouTube even for just a few minutes to see her radiant smile.)

Perspective is everything, especially when dealing with tragedy in our lives. Angela has learned that when all is well in her relationship with God, anything that happens in this life is for His glory.

We won't share any more of Angela's story in this post. We think it's best coming straight from her.

In our conversation with Angela, you'll hear:

-Search for the miracles even on your darkest day...03:45

-Angela's faith breakthrough after a major incident w/ her husband...05:10

-Building patience and trust while on the long road to recovery...10:30

-God speaks to us in ways we can receive...13:00

-Becoming foster parents...19:30

-Peace that passes all understanding when tragedy again strikes...22:45

-Grieving in the comfort of God's grace...30:15

-A cryptic message from the Lord recovering from the highway tragedy...36:00

-Transitioning from the military to ministry...41:30

-How to turn grief into peace...47:00

search for your miracles, or your misery; whatever you choose is up to you

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