Ep.16 "Hellboy. He's real!"
Episode 1610th September 2019 • THE REEL DEBATERS PODCAST • The Reel Debaters Podcast
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Raise your hand if you have heard of the classic video game [Rampage](\(video_game\))… (giant animals terrorizing a city while they beat each other to a pulp) Keep your hand up if you liked the video game “inspired” movie Rampage with Dwayne “ The rock” Johnson…. ...Where did all the hands go? Whatever side of the Rampage coin you land on ,this debate should add some fuel to the fire as to how we think it should have been done Premise: Instead of limiting the movie to just the monsters from the video game, you have been given the chance to remake it using ALL of Hollywood’s monsters and ghouls to make your own Rampage. You are charged with arguing why your pick would be run the other 3 monsters into the ground and win the fight and reign as Kaiju Supreem. Rules: 1.Monsters or Ghouls Picked are the same size as they are in the movies , Martin learned this the hard way. 2.All powers from the movie you pick from are fair game to use in the ruckus Movies being used for inspiration this week are Alien, IT, Hellboy and Pacific Rim. In the living room this week is Martin Navarro, Mark Cowell, Chris Stanton and Micheal Petrow Trailers of the week: Bad boys for life and Gemini Man (get jiggy with it!) Email []( Instagram @reeldebaters Twitter @reeldebaters