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The health & safety profession, how is it changing?
Episode 2527th July 2022 • The Safety & Health Podcast • Informa Markets
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In this episode, we drop in on a panel debate which discusses the changing the perception of the health & safety profession.

Recorded in the Operational Excellence Theatre at Safety & Health Expo in May, this panel discussion focussed on the COVID-19 pandemic and how it could be argued that the safety profession is now viewed in a more positive light by the general public. The panel talked about the opportunities for increasing collaboration across teams, and changing the direction of safety in the workplace, through genuine staff engagement. 

The session was moderated by Heather Beach, Managing Director of the Healthy Work Company. Heather was joined in the panel by Adam Clarke, Managing Director Consulting at Praxis42, Matt Hall, Interim Deputy Director Patient Safety and Risk at Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and Carolyn Smith, Health, Safety and Well-being Director, The VPS Group. 

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