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Three Essential Reasons to Get a Music Coach (Part 3) | SOLOCAST
Episode 315th December 2021 • 15 Minutes with Dave Goodrich • Dave Goodrich | Power Song Tribe™
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Welcome to 15 Minutes with Dave Goodrich…where music is life.

How do you know if you need a music coach? How can a good music coach help you succeed?

This is the third episode in a three-part series on the essential reasons to get a music coach to help you enhance and advance your musical life.

In this episode, we explore the idea that a good music coach can help you release blockages.

I’m Dave Goodrich, a performing singer/songwriter/producer, and personal music coach. My life is an adventure in song and sound, and I am excited to share what I collect along the way. From the beginning, I’ve always had a deep love for music, and I‘ve spent my life creating and perfecting my lifestyle to surround it.

Join me as we discover new ways to live a richer, more satisfying lifestyle in music.

Together we can take your musical lifestyle to the next level!

Let’s go…where music is life!

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References & credits for this episode:

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Podcast Production Credits

Audio engineering, production & mastering by Dave Goodrich & Sandra Goodrich

Copywriting & graphics by Sandra Goodrich & Dave Goodrich

Theme Music Credits

Theme music “15 Minutes” from the album 15 Minutes by Dave Goodrich:

Written & produced by Dave Goodrich

Engineered & mixed by Chris Salamone

Mastered by Dave Glasser

Dave Goodrich: Acoustic guitar 

Chris Salamone: Drums, percussion, & hand claps

Lane Baldwin: Bass guitar

Jeff Covert: Electric guitar

Peter Bonta: Keyboards

Sandra Goodrich: Hand claps

Check out the full version of the 15 Minutes theme song:

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