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Episode 129 – Mastering Communication: The Journey
29th March 2021 • Man vs Marriage • Quincy Moran
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Time for another hard hitting episode on communication from your favorite couple at Man vs Marriage! Although I am jesting about your favorite couple I am certainly not jesting about this hard hitting episode. Communication ( I feel like saying it as if I was in that scene on the Sand lot FOR EV ER) CO MMUN I CATION is oddly enough a forever commitment and will have a dramatic impact on your relationship, I know communication is such a broad word, WE HOWEVER will not leave you to a broad scope, rather we will give you our journey BOTH good and bad so that you can shape your strategy and build a better more deeply connected level of communication. It truly makes all the difference!

The episode line up 78 through 87 called crazy good communication will give you some additional foundational principles, it’s a great group to listen to.

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