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The Alter Ego Effect with Todd Herman - Part Two
Episode 9328th June 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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We have so many characteristics and attributes available to us, but we all put LABELS on ourselves and define ourselves by ONE thing. We’re an introvert, we’re divorced, we’re weak. But this is a DANGEROUS thing to do. You are not just ONE thing. There is a source code of qualities and attributes available to you, and using The Alter Ego Effect can help you tap into these. This concept can help you play BIGGER, get out of your own way, and be the man you truly want to be.

Last week Mark welcomed Todd Herman onto the podcast, and this week you’ll hear part two of their conversation, where Mark and Todd dive deeper into the concept of The Alter Ego Effect. Todd shares the history of the concept, how it has helped HUNDREDS of thousands of people throughout history, and some proven, science-backed tweaks and methods YOU can use to start shifting results in your own life right now.

“You don’t have to do everything differently to become an alter ego. Just pick one thing and start with that.”

- Mark Santiago

In This Episode:

- It is very important to know what we want as an outcome. Here’s why…

- Learn what moments of impact are, and where these show up in both Todd’s and Mark’s lives

- Humans have one greatest superpower above all other species. Here’s what it is…

- There is nothing that is ALWAYS good. Here’s why…

- Todd shares one of the main pillars that holds up The Alter Ego Effect

- There is ONE thing that sets elite people apart from other people. Here’s what that is…

And much more…


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