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What are we suppose to believe in the Colorado football program?
5th September 2023 • Wendell's World & Sports • Wendell Wallace: Sports talk radio host and broadcaster
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{00:01:11} After their extremely impressive victory over TCU, Coach Prime are asking about non-believers and taking receipts. What should we be believing in, and is it too early to start believing in anything? What impact could Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter have on HBCU football programs long-term?

{00:40:45} How impressive was Florida St victory over LSU and how disappointing was Clemson's performance against Duke? Are we seeing the decay of a mini-dynasty from 5-7 years ago in the Tigers?

{00:58:45} NFL season starts this Thursday. Why Jesus Christ can't keep me away from watching every Sunday, and why we should RELAX when watching the first 6-8 weeks of the season before we start to asset or PANIC!!!!

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