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The Socratic Method of Managing with Loren Verheyden (SailPoint)
Episode 1513th May 2024 • The Better Build • Mission
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Mission CEO Stephane Rossi sits with Loren Verheyden, Engineering Manager at SailPoint, to get into her effective managing strategies and professional journey. From building a supercomputer during her college years to navigating the challenges of remote team management, Lauren shares her unique experiences and insights. We discuss her transition from software developer to manager, the importance of effective communication, and the lessons she learned while leading diverse teams. Lauren also provides valuable tips on active listening, handling rejection, and the balance between mentoring and coaching.

Key topics:

The transition from engineer to manager (9:30)

Experience with Write / Speak / Code (14:13)

Essential managerial skills to develop (18:49)

How to speak to your audience (22:43)

The Socratic method of managing (35:18)




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