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What We Know About DSLD
Episode 8426th May 2023 • The Humble Hoof • Alicia Harlov
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As a hoofcare provider, seeing a horse with DSLD is one of the most heartbreaking things to deal with. These horses often slowly decline in comfort, and it can feel helpless trying to figure out a way to slow this progression. For years I’ve been wanting to do a podcast episode with a veterinarian about DSLD, but had a hard time finding someone willing or with expertise in this area. Until now!

Dr. Sabrina Brounts has spent significant time studying tendon and ligament damage and repair, and now has harnessed her focus on DSLD. I reached out to her to chat about this condition, why the name change to ESPA hasn’t stuck, past, current, and future diagnostics and treatments, and more!

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