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DIJ 09: Curating Courage, Centering Stories, and, Wading in the Water w/ Tannia Esparza
Episode 918th June 2021 • Dive-In-Justice • Shadiin Garcia & Delma Jackson
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Delma and Shadiin dive into storytelling for justice, “moving courageously towards a sacred purpose,” and being called to care for our collective descendents with Tannia Esparza.

Tannia is a queer Chicanx raised in Chumash people's ocean waters now known as Santa Barbara, California, from a migrant family of brave persistent matriarchs who is now home in the high desert mountains of the Tiwa people in Corvallis, New Mexico. They are a storyteller and founder of Girasol Descendants, a beloved community making project offering storytelling as a practice for building the world we need and deeply desire.

Tanya offers her gifts in coaching vision and purpose alignment, transformative facilitation, program design, storytelling, and cultural strategy to local and national social justice efforts at the intersections of reproductive gender and racial justice and queer liberation. She is the former executive director of Bold Futures NM and recipient of the Women of Vision award from the MS foundation for women.