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Ep. 17: Types of People at Networking Events
Episode 1710th July 2019 • The Critically Conscious Coach • Ruthie Bowles
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People often bemoan networking events. There are coaches who's entire premise is "never go to another marketing event again!" So what makes me bring it up? We all know that in person interactions are more effective that interactions over the phone. Video comes closer, only because so much of communication is nonverbal. 

If you've had a bad experience at a networking event, it's probably because that event wasn't for you. It doesn't mean that all events are bad. When you attend networking events, you need to go with a plan in mind, just like any other type of marketing. This means understanding the sorts of people you will meet at events. 

In this podcast episode, I've identified the four types of people you typically run into at events. 

Do you have a networking event that you just love? How about a horror story to share? 

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