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From the Paris without the Plains – featuring Hermon Mehari
Episode 1318th June 2020 • Beethoven walks into a bar... • Kansas City Symphony
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Kansas City has a lot to be proud of – the KC Symphony, the Super-Bowl winning Chiefs, burnt ends… but something that is all too often overlooked if you’re not from here is the city’s incredible jazz scene. This week we talk with our good friend and a powerful force in the jazz trumpet universe, Hermon Mehari.  We look into the crossover between the jazz and classical worlds, hear all about Hermon’s brand new album “A Change for the Dreamlike”, and talk about the natural wine, fine cuisine, and the jazz scene in Paris.

Spotify Playlist

Hermon Mehari – A Change for the Dreamlike

Claude Bolling Suite No. 1

Bobby Watson plays Amazing Grace on the Best of Bank of America Celebration at the Station