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Bonus Episode26th June 2021 • The Instructor • Terry Cook
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As a bonus episode to season one, I decided to takeover my own show and share my thoughts on podcasting, the excellent guests that joined me and the industry as a whole. 

I hope that by listening you can take some inspiration and go create something you enjoy. 

But, to help steer this ship and avoid too much rambling, I asked a very special guest to join me a my guest host for the show, and luckily for me the wonderful Emma Morgan agreed. 

You can check out Emma's own podcast here:

Find her Facebook page:

Or Facebook group:

And you can even check out her Spotify playlist: 

Chris Bensted of the DITC was also kind enough to send in a final segment saying a few kind words and sharing his thoughts. You can fan all the information for the DITC here:

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Or check out the website: