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Ep 58: The Street Vet - Dr. Jade Statt
25th November 2021 • Blunt Dissection • Blunt Dissection
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On today’s show, I’m joined by Dr. Jade Statt, cofounder of Street Vet a charity caring for the pets of homeless people. Jade graduated from Glasgow University Vet School with honors in 2002 and initially worked as an assistant in a small animal practice where her innate desire to help others spurred her on to compile and write The Pocket Book of Small Animal Tips For Vets. A book she donated to raise funds for vet mental health and wellbeing charity, Vetlife. Her own struggles with depression led to her serving on the board of VetLife for three years, before finding her true calling one evening on the way back from a night out in London in 2016. Stopping to speak with a homeless man, Jade came to realize the importance of pets to homeless people. But it was also apparent that the vet care and support we might take for granted was non-existent for those living on the street with pets. An idea was born and soon after she took to the streets of London with a backpack stuffed with medicines, food, toys, collars, and leads, and the desire to help. Not long after she met her co-founder Sam Joseph who by happy coincidence was doing something similar and Street Vet was born. Since then, Street Vet has grown rapidly with teams active in 17 locations and a volunteer army of more than 700 dedicated vets, nurses, and support roles nationally in the UK. Jade, in her role as founder and ambassador for the charity, is a tireless advocate taking on many of the other issues that result in increased homelessness such as the lack of available pet-friendly temporary accommodation and has successfully launched a service of accreditation and training for hostels who wish to change. In 2019, her incredible work was duly recognized as she was announced as the Animal Star Awards Vet of The Year. Now, oftentimes we’ll have an advert here…. But today our only ask is that you take a second to visit and see what you can do to help. If you are a vet or nurse in the UK then you can volunteer your time. If you are a practice owner you might like to work as a partner practice for operations. And wherever you are, if you can find your way to donate ten bucks to support Street Vet then you’d be putting some spare cash to good use. For all opportunities head to and get involved. You won't just be helping others though, because the act of support is great for your own mental wellbeing too. Now back to the show... Jade is incredibly passionate about veterinary mental health and the benefits of volunteering. And her work is a testament to the power of purpose and collaboration. The tireless dedication that both she and her army of volunteers put into protecting the bond between humans and animals in the most vulnerable of people is incredibly inspiring. A timely reminder when many things seem hopeless that the power of caring for others really is a gift that gives in both directions. So now, without further ado, I present this, my conversation with the pretty darn awesome, Dr. Jade Statt.