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MarketEd NOT Live - MarketEd.Live EPISODE 5, 7th December 2020
Diversity in Events: Amy Kean
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Diversity in Events: Amy Kean

Episode five already, wow, we really are flying through them. Today we are joined by the amazing Amy Kean, the self-professed cult leader and sociologist. She is also the co-founder the DICE charter,  a columnist for Shots Creative and Maker of the Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks, and poetry collection House of Weeds. Now that’s a woman with talent.  

On this episode, Amy will be talking to Paul about the DICE charter and the importance of diversity in events and conferences, how blooming brilliant MarketEd.Live is and why she often mistaken for the diversity police. PLUS, she will be trying to convince Paul that we need a coal walk at MarketEd.Live 2021. 


What you will learn... 

  • What a ‘Mannel’ is 
  • What DICE is 
  • How and why DICE was started 
  • How diversity is so much more than just race and gender 
  • How the DICE process helped MarketEd.Live 
  • Why we got our sessions captioned 
  • Myth busting: Why DICE is not the diversity police 
  • Why there could be hot coals at MarketEd.Live 2021 
  • Why class isn’t involved in the equality act but is included in DICE 
  • Why you should be paying for your speakers’ travel expenses at the very least 
  • Whether sponsors should be included in the DICE charter 
  • Why the double Barry is a bad thing 
  • What’s next for DICE and their plans to banish the Mannel 
  • Amy and Paul’s warning to the non-inclusives 

Resources mentioned in this episode... 


If you want to connect with Amy, you are best to send her a message on her socials. You can send her a message on TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram to find out about all things DICE, her books or her columns.