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Diary of a Space Archivist - Beccy Stirrup BONUS EPISODE, 21st June 2021
Waking Wakefield: Myth Consultant 1/5

Waking Wakefield: Myth Consultant 1/5

This is a promo-run for an Alternate Reality Game that I've developed about the Climate Crisis.

Now that the game is out there, I'll be able to concentrate once more on season 3 of Diary of a Space Archivist.

In the meantime, you may enjoy Waking Wakefield. It's fun, free, family-friendly and full of great tips to help the environment without busting the bank. It also involves characters from myth and legend - what's not to love?!

Play Waking Wakefield and uncover a story where magic meets science, and the little things can save the world.