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104 / Life Transitions thru COVID and finding the Silver Lining
Episode 10415th October 2020 • Thyroid Strong • Emily Kiberd
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Key Takeaways

Success comes in many forms. Even when things don’t go right, you can succeed by using them as catalysts for growth. Before reacting, pause, breathe, think about how you can grow from it.


Every single one of us has been affected by this pandemic. Likely, plans you’ve made will not come to fruition because of it. That’s certainly true for me. However, there is still hope for us if we can recognize it.


Closing My Clinic

It has been a strange past several months to be sure. On March 16, I made the difficult decision to close my clinic in New York City. For the safety of my staff and patients, it was the right thing to do. It was really challenging, but I was bolstered by the support of my staff and patients.


Making Transitions and Learning Lessons

As I’m sure it has for you, my life is drastically different now. I went from a full-time business owner to a full-time mom. In May, my family left the city altogether. During this time, I’ve experienced numerous lessons surrounding gratitude. Sure, things are not the way I’d prefer. But this whole experience has shown me that success comes in many forms.


Main Point #2

The stressors that came with these changes have certainly taken their toll, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Remembering to respond to these stressors in a productive way that leads to growth, rather than simply in a reactionary way, has given me hope for the future. It has led me to make some big decisions and set my life on a whole new trajectory.

What positive changes have the pandemic led you to make? Let me know in the comments on the episode page!


In this episode

  • Making the tough decision to shut down the clinic in NYC [0:30]
  • Maintaining patience and grace during challenges [6:45]
  • Responding to stress in productive ways [14:30]
  • Accepting a life without solid plans when times are unpredictable [20:18]



“Originally, the sentiment was not if but when we come back. But slowly the sentiment started to become if we go back.” [2:03]

“Every single struggle and moment that feels challenging is a place to learn and grow.” [7:23]

“How can we make this time a moment and point of reflection so that every single day moving forward we are heading on a path that brings joy and growth and makes us one percent better every day?” [22:50]



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