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Ep 89: Paul Pierce Fired For Living His Best Life on IG, Couple Has Sex Skydiving, Boy Gets Two of His Penises Removed, Man Gives Botox Drinking Four Lokos
Episode 898th April 2021 • No Reason • Nola J
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The No Reason Podcast with Nola J. aka Chocolate Blonde featuring Don Suave'.

00:00 Intro

16:02 Jizzle’s New Bar

23:06 EWF v Eisley Brothers

47:44 Paul Pierce Fired on His Day Off for Living His Best Life

52:12 Howard Stern Calls Out Michael Rapaport On Air

01:04:27 CoinStar Pays $1000 Plus Donations to Man With 91,000 Oily Pennies

01:06:33 Couple Has Sex While Skydiving and Ends Up in ER

01:11:09 Bullet Allegedly Found in Flaming Hit Cheetos

01:15:22 Adidas Stoner Shoes Dropping 4/20

01:17:10 Iraqi Boy Born With Three Penises Only to Have 2 Removed

01:19:18 Jealous Woman Cuts Off Lover’s Penis Because He Might Be Cheating

01:23:26 Man Steals Patrol Car While Handcuffed, Leads High Speed Chase

01:27:12 FL Man Arrested For Giving Botox While Drinking Four Lokos

01:41:30 Snoop Dogg Joining the Voice

01:50:05 NY Comedy is Back

01:57:42 Jizzle’s Porn Star Connections

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