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Automovie Podcast - Straight Six Media EPISODE 28, 7th July 2020
Kermodian Classics
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Kermodian Classics

Chris and Marty pick through a lockdown list from film critic, journalist and flappy-handed inspiration for this podcast, Mark Kermode, to review two bona fide movie classics: American Graffiti and Bullitt.

The 30th anniversary of Days of Thunder led ESPN to look back on the legacy that changed both action movies and NASCAR. We were also tipped off to a thread on Twitter with some fantastic behind the scenes details.

Having been a Channel 4 exclusive, the Formula E documentary And We Go Green has been released to YouTube, which Marty rates more highly than he does electric cars...

Chris picked the 'stop doing silly space films' George Lucas teen drama American Graffiti, while Marty relived memories of Ford Puma adverts with Bullitt.

Now lockdown is easing and people are going back to work, we can celebrate the return of 'What has Henry Catchpole been up to this week?' , in this case road and track testing the new Porsche 992 Turbo S.

For Chris's YouTube pick this week, a $4500 'Veyron' that is, well, awful. Not awful though is the Mercedes F1 YouTube channel that - while maybe a little corporate - is jam-packed with information from the team about their people and their preparations for the new season.

Marty has gone for WRC Flatout 2019, and if you like astonishing, real world builds then check out his YouTube channel pick, Speed Academy.

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