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Supply Chain Today & Tomorrow with Mike Griswold and Special Guest Donna Krache
Episode 111817th May 2023 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Gartner’s Top 25 Supply Chain ranking was started 19 years ago to recognize the best supply chains in the world and to raise awareness about the impact a well-run supply chain can have on the overall health and competitiveness of a business.

Mike Griswold is the Vice President of Research at Gartner, specializing in retail with a particular focus on forecasting and replenishment. He is responsible for Gartner’s annual Top 25 Supply Chain ranking and joins Supply Chain Now on a monthly basis to discuss the latest in retail supply chains from an analyst’s perspective.

In this episode, Mike talks about the importance of learning from the best supply chains in the world with co-hosts Scott Luton and Greg White:

• What everyone can expect to hear and learn from the ‘big reveal’ of this year’s Top 25 Supply Chain ranking on May 24th

• The three macro-themes that serve as the focus for this year’s ranking: driving growth in an elevated risk environment, embracing the supply chain ecosystem concept, and investing in digitally facilitated connections with customers, suppliers, and employees

• Special bonus guest Donna Krache, Supply Chain Now’s Director of Communications and Executive Producer, also joined the stream to share the professional and life lessons she has gathered during her fifty years in the workforce

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