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Moving from the back-office into Customer Success
Episode 1512th November 2020 • Gainsight GameChanger Podcast • Gainsight / StudioPod Media
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Welcome to The Gainsight Gamechanger Podcast, a space where we recognize and celebrate people who change the game of customer success and product experience for their companies, customers, teammates, and partners.

The Customer Success industry is constantly changing and evolving. In today’s world, recruiters don’t need to have a background in Customer Success to shine in the field, and sometimes collaborating with professionals with experience in other fields can be exceptional for companies.

In this episode of Gamechanger, Adam has an amazing conversation with Sam Smith and Shanta Bodhan, both coming from different backgrounds but with one thing in common: they both switched careers, jumped into the CS area, and found a way to use their skills from their previous jobs to succeed in this new path. Join us to learn more about their journey and how you can apply their knowledge and tips to your life.

Jump straight into:

(03:09) - Shanta and Sam’s background, from HR and Economics to Customer Success - “My first career was in Human Resources and when I first started, I was 100% confident that I’d find my life’s work.”

(05:58) - The true value for Sam and Shanta after shifting to the CS field - “That was what really appealed to me as well, being able to have that broad rich and great impact in Customer Success.”

(08:13) - COVID-19: how Shanta’s HR skills helped her with this new role - “Part of COVID-19 and then what we learned is trying to plan for the unexpected.”

(9:30) - On data sets combination in Customer Success, and Sam’s background skills that are helpful for him nowadays - “The hardest part is knowing how far that’s gonna go, and your customer might be able to use it in the best way.”

(11:13) - The challenges they faced when moving to Customer Success - “What was the most interesting for me was shifting my mindset.”

(16:20) - Customer Success skills vs a professional with a client’s perspective - “It’s very hard to find someone who has both, so we found that there’s a lot that we can train for, as long as someone has the Customer Success attitude .”

(20:14) - Sam and Shanta’s advice for starting a new path in Customer Success - “I would say just read and study as much as possible.”


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