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Matthews™ Market Leaders on Life in Brokerage & the Road to Success in CRE
Episode 66th June 2022 • The Matthews™ Podcast • Matthews Real Estate Investment Services™
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In this episode of the Matthews™ podcast, we discuss how to find success in the brokerage industry. So, if you're in sales looking for additional insight and intel on how to be successful, or you are new in the industry and looking for guidance on what it takes to be the best, this episode is for you. Your host, Matthews™ Market Leader Matthew Wallace, is joined by two experts that previously supported a wide range of owners, operators, and investors in their CRE disposition/acquisition needs. Now, they recruit, train, and mentor agents nationwide. Please welcome to the podcast Bob Osbrink and Andrew Gross.

Podcast Breakdown

1:05 - How did you get into the industry? What skills have you learned that have helped get you to where you are now? What was the turning point in your career?

11:49 - What are the primary skills you look for in hiring a sales agent? What are the skills needed to succeed in the business?

14:50 - What are some strategies or advice for those looking to build a business from the ground up?

19:24 - What differentiates Matthews from other brokerage companies? What are the tools that Matthews provides?

23:05 - What has positioned Matthews for success?

27:20 - Do you have any parting words of advice for those looking to switch careers, new graduates, or interns?