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134. You Can’t Build An Audience Without These 4 Things (And Nobody Is Talking About It)
Episode 13430th November 2020 • the bossbabe podcast • bossbabe
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You asked, we listened! Today, we’re sitting down with Danielle for her 1st solo episode focused on building your influence. No matter what your numbers look like, you’ve got more influence than you realize. Danielle is helping you understand your existing influence and breaking down how you can leverage it even further! Building your online influence is more important than ever right now, so be sure to listen in to discover how you can grow using the BossBabe formula... [Value + Consistency x Reach = Influence]! Danielle also walks through the 4 E’s and why all your content- no matter what your business looks like- needs to be built on them. Remember content is the new currency… and you don’t want to get left behind! 


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