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018. Anarchism is...the Bundesliga (with Julian Einfeldt)
Episode 1829th December 2021 • Everyday Anarchism • Graham Culbertson
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Association football, also known as soccer, is one of the most beloved of all human pursuits. It's also one of the most democratic, most grassroots, most anarchist. Lately, though, billionaires, especially petro-billionaires and American sports billionaires, have been trying to take soccer away from the people. Now the petro-billionaires are squabbling with the American billionaires to see if soccer should become more like American football.

In this episode I'll explain the corporate communism for billionaires of the NFL, the corporate anarchy for billionaires of English football, and the democracy of the German Bundesliga. For the second half of the episode, I'm joined by Julian Einfeldt of the FC St. Pauli Fanladen, a fan organization dedicated to keeping the 2. Bundesliga team FC St. Pauli grassroots, democratic, and inclusive.

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