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How To Increase Your Prices By Boosting Your Status
Episode 378th July 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Have you ever wondered how some people are able to charge thousands for their products and others are charging much less? Are you stuck wondering how to increase your prices?

It all comes down to one thing really, and that is status.

The better your perceived status is in your marketplace, the less resistance you’ll feel when you start charging more for your higher priced products and services.

In this episode we’re chatting about some strategies you can use to build up your status with emails so you can sell higher priced programs.

Episode Content

  • (1:49) Could you sell a dump in a Tupperware box? 😂
  • (3:00) You know your worth, but does anybody care?
  • (5:10) Strategy one: Friends in high places
  • (7:00) Say ‘cheeeeeese’!
  • (9:12) Be our guest, literally (take a screenshot).
  • (11:42) How do you weave this into your emails?
  • (14:26) Bonus media opportunity.
  • (16:18) You won’t believe what we did to get someone’s attention.
  • (18:01) Did someone say customised training?
  • (20:33) Getting friendly with a guru in your market.
  • (22:12) Subject line of the week.

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