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Genetic screening for heart issues/Joanne Courtney
Episode 9912th August 2022 • The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place • Dr. Jeff Sankoff
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Sudden cardiac death (SCD) continues to be a fearsome specter for athletes in all endurance sports but especially for triathletes who have the highest rates of SCD during the swim than for any other activity. To date, no screening programs have proven successful or practical to lower the risk. With improvements in genetic testing, could this avenue offer a possible solution? I look at what the science says. Joanne Courtney had a long and successful career as a professional curler as the second for Rachel Homan's foursome through numerous national championships, Worlds and one Olympics. That all came to an end this past spring when she announced her retirement and that she was taking up a new sport, triathlon. Her journey to multisport has been pretty similar to that of so many others. Have a listen to her relate the struggles and triumphs as she swaps her proficiency with a curling broom for mediocrity in a swimming pool and the ensuing joys of reaching her first finish line.


[07:33]- Genetic testing for inherited cardiac conditions

[22:20]- Joanne Courtney


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Joanne Courtney Former elite level curler… played competitively x18 years - Olympian (2018), World Champion (2017), 8 Grand Slam titles Retired in May 2022 and decided to pivot to triathlon! Registered nurse (acute care hemodialysis x12 years)