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Developing the Mindset of Constant Improvement
11th April 2016 • Hack the Entrepreneur • Jon Nastor
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My guest today is a bootstrapper, software developer, and a brilliant entrepreneur.

From writing his first line of code at 11 years old, my guest has spent the past 14 years building several multi-million dollar software businesses.

He is the founder and CEO of Axosoft, which develops software for software development. Their flagship product, OnTime is used by more than 10,000 software development companies.

My guest is also the founder and CEO of Pure Chat, and has recently raised $1.55 million to push growth and development of this business.

Now, let s hack

Hamid Shojaee.

In this 37-minute episode Hamid Shojaee and I discuss:

  • Being persistent and learning to improve when the results fall flat
  • How Hamid s family background and their support influenced his entrepreneurial spirit
  • Being intimately familiar with all aspects of your business in order to understand the big picture
  • Hamid s 30-day experimentation method for learning about new technologies and keeping up with the ever-changing industry

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