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37: Dissociative Identity Disorder - Spreading Awareness, What is DID and How Does Someone Get It, Conspirituality Perspectives, Trafficking Survivors, MKUltra, Celebrities with DID, & More!
Episode 3713th March 2022 • Awake: Not Woke • Sara & Chas
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☽Episode 37: Dissociative Identity Disorder☾

In this episode Sara & Chas are talking about the psychological disorder formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, now called Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID. The brain is capable of incredible things, including self preservation; DID is often triggered in children who are heavily and consistently abused. We discuss what DID is and the signs of having this disorder, different types of alters, conspirituality perspectives, and more! If you like this episode and would like to hear us talk about other abnormal psychological conditions, let us know!

Checkout DissociaDID's YouTube channel to learn more about DID - Find It Here

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