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The One Where We Talk About International SEO With Gemma Fontane
Episode 41st March 2021 • The SEO SAS Podcast • Sarah McDowell & Hannah Bryce
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This week Sarah has the absolute pleasure of chatting to Gemma Fontané about international SEO and keyword research for different languages.

Gemma is an SEO freelance consultant & SEO specialist at On Off Marketing, a digital marketing agency. She’s also a Digital Marketing Professor at Cidet Manresa in Barcelona.

The episode begins with the usual quickfire round of questions where we learn everything from what Gemma’s preferred superpower would be to her most used app on her phone. Sarah also finds out about her career and how she ended up in digital marketing and SEO.

Then it's time to discuss international SEO and doing keyword research in different languages. We cover everything including why it's important, how to do keyword research in another language, what to do when a country has more than one language and how to handle different browsers e.g. Yandex, Bing etc.

We also talk about web architecture, general do’s and don’ts when it comes to international SEO and finally, Gemma shares her own and other business's success stories. 

There is a tenuous link for this week’s feature and Gemma gets quizzed on her worldly knowledge. Reckon you can do better than her? Only one way to find out…

Where to find Gemma: