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Intro - Tiffany (Episode 1)
Episode 112th January 2021 • Nickel for Your Thoughts • P2C-S Podcast Network
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New year, new podcast. Introducing the “Nickel for Your Thoughts” podcast!

Get to know the Nickel for Your Thoughts co-hosts! Who are they? What makes them think they should be on a podcast anyway? What’s their go-to karaoke song? What is their favourite personality test?  And other hot-seat questions. 

Hear it all in our very first episode of Nickel for Your Thoughts. It was actually recorded in July 2020, so we’re excited to be able to share it with you today! Listen wherever you find podcasts.

Produced by Laura Saad and Tiffany Lou-Hing. Sound & Editing by Laura Saad. Check us out at @p2cspods on Instagram.