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The Effects of Dieting That No-One Really Talks About
Episode 419th January 2022 • You Are Nourished • Lauren Gayfer
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It is extremely difficult to stop doing something that you have been doing for years, and that includes dieting. Many of the women I work with have dieted for decades and find it very hard to break the habit, especially when diets and diet culture continue to draw you in. But there are some downsides to dieting that no-one really speaks about, so I’m sharing five of them with you this week to help you say goodbye to dieting and feel more confident that it’s the right way to go.

If you are at that stage where you want to stop dieting, but you feel scared or unsure about whether you can or should, this episode is sure to help you. I’m revealing some of the side effects that you may not have thought of that will help you put dieting in your past and keep it out of your present and future.

“Imagine what you could get done if you weren’t thinking about dieting 24/7.”

- Lauren Gayfer

In This Episode:

- Discover the reason that diets might work in the short-term, but why most people put the weight back on in the long term.

- Learn why your body can’t tell the difference between dieting and food scarcity and how it compensates for the lack of calories.

- Your problem with dieting is not that you lack willpower or need to try harder, here’s what it is…

- Find out how dieting forces you to overrule your body’s innate wisdom.

- I share what ‘rebound weight gain’ is and how you might recognize it from the previous diets you have been on.

- Discover the science behind why you might find yourself binging and overeating when trying to diet.

- There is a method of eating that allows you to tune in and listen to your body, I’m giving you an introduction today.


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