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The Birth of Cocoa Griot
Episode 1124th November 2021 • Cocoa Griot- Let "auntie" wisdom and energy keep you uplifted! • Daisy Woods
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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings


Good evening and welcome to my humble podcast abode. I am Cocoa Griot, just a 50 something single mom who delights in talking to you about life, love, and an array of other topics. This evening I'm thankful for so many things in my life. I know that many people will sit down with family and friends on Thanksgiving, and remember how blessed they are to still be here. Recent events have further polarized the United States and sometimes it's just hard to find a kernel of good news. I invite you to stop and take a few moments to think about what you are thankful for. I believe an attitude of gratitude increases our latitude. I want to take this opportunity to share something I am thankful for, the chance to reach out to others. You see Daisy is an introvert. Daisy is incredibly shy and has difficulty opening up to people. I began my journey as Cocoa Griot a few months into the pandemic. I started a blog and this podcast to help me feel connected to others. The core of who Cocoa Griot is was forged by some events in my life that don't hold the best memories for me. I am going to share my story in poem form. Thank you in advance for listening.


I was curled up in my bed, held hostage by a mental chain. The wreckage from my abuser continually permeated my brain. I decided there was only one way to get those thoughts to leave. Replacing them with new ideas was a welcome reprieve. I struggled to see my beauty and I questioned my value and worth. When I opened my mind to writing, my heart entertained joy and mirth. There was one avenue of writing most worthy of my time. I find solace and safety when I engage in rhyme. The comfort of predictable meter, some people don't understand. It is my sanctuary, a true soft place to land. I spent years in insanity with no haven or foundation. Rhyme is my security blanket, and it changed my sad situation. Now you know my story, so my name I will explain. It is important to showcase my pride since I escaped my pain. I am a historian, storyteller, and poet-griot. The hue of my skin is a deep rich cocoa.


That is the story of how Cocoa Griot was born. When you go through trials and tests in life, you should emerge with a testimony. In fact, T-E-S- T is the start of the word testimony. This platform gives me a chance to share the wisdom I gleaned from a myriad of life experiences. I am grateful for my listeners from all over the globe. If you have a journey that you want to share to help guide others, I encourage you to create content to connect with people who just might need to hear what you have to say. It doesn't have to be a podcast. It doesn't have to be a blog. It could be through art. Whatever your talent is, you can make a difference in this world. My hope is that your days ahead are peaceful, prosperous, and full of joy. Thanks for listening this evening. As always, I wish you good health good fortune, and good night. A very grateful Cocoa Griot out!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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