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#188: When Music Drives Movement [Podcast]
29th October 2018 • The DancePreneuring Studio • Annett Bone: Creative Strategist
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You dance totally different if you are aware of the history of the dance form. It changes the dance or music to something that is something significantly deeper and heavier. That is why sometimes you can do a lot less, because it means more. -Ethan Margolis, paraphrased on the importance of being immersed in the dance form history

Feature Presentation: I had an educational and entertaining conversation with Ethan Margolis, director and guitarist of the upcoming Forever Flamenco: Family Gypsy Song, as he dispels the myths around the origins of Flamenco music and dance, things to observe if you're not familiar with Flamenco dance, the people that inspire him, and more.

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Forever Flamenco-Family Gypsy Song (November 1st and 4th, 2018)

Photo above of Fanny Ara courtesy of The Fountain Theatre

Ethan Margolis

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