39: Red Flag Alert!
Episode 3912th March 2021 • Hot Young Designers Club | Interior Design Business Podcast • Hot Young Designers Club
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This week the Hot Young Designers roll through their list of red flags for projects and clients. Chances are that you've heard some of them before: "I just need a few pieces", "I really have an eye for design", or "I have a few edits for your contract". You might have been fooled once, but now that you've learned the signs you can learn how to educate, inform, and recognize the right clients and projects.

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Stuff they mentioned:

Is Rebecca getting a lay-down laptop stand?

Don't be distracted by project budgets or how cool clients seem

Rely on your instincts and learn to listen to them

Avoid clients who want to live their designer fantasy and not give control over to you

Beware of litigation happy attorneys

Does anyone really just need a few pieces?

Don't change your contract to benefit clients unless there's something in it for you too

Watch out for unrealistic timelines even after educating clients

Why didn't things work out with their last designer?

How do your clients make decisions?



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